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Fellows: 2004-2005

University of New South Wales, Australia

The Accademia degli Inquieti: an Analysis of Experimental Philosophy in Bologna from 1690 to 1714

Universita' di Milano

Mnemosyne and Mythical Time Nowadays

Yale University

Fortunato Depero's Multidimensional Spatial Inventions in New York

Universita' di Trento

Mental Representations of Strategic Interaction

Universita' di Palermo

Black Italia: Narrations and Representations of Blacks in Contemporary Italy

Universita' di Milano

The Figure in the Portrait. An Interdisciplinary Recognition 1850-1915.

Universita' di Cassino

A Structural Health Monitoring Approach to Detect Damage in Historical Constructions

Freie Universität Berlin

Signa and Res-Pictoral Allegories in the Italian Renaissance (14th-16th century)

Independent Scholar and Translator, Toronto

Two translations: Flavio Biondo's Roma Instaurata and Gianni Vattimo's Dialogo con Nietzsche

Heinrich Heine Universität Dusseldorf

Topology of social memory. Tomb Chapels of the Neapolitan nobility in early modern times

Universita' di Catanzaro

Cellular and Molecular Mechanism Underlying the Persistance of Long-Term Memory

Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto; Universita' di Roma 'La Sapienza'

Neo-Gregorian Chant for the Mass in Southern Italy: A Bridge between Old and New Style

University of California, Santa Barbara; Universita' degli Studi

The Influence of Italian Music on the Emergence of a Modern Audience in France in the Eighteenth Century

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris

The Sense of Others: Towards an Epistemology of Trust

Northwestern University, Chicago; Universita' di Pisa

Aby Warburg: A Philosphy of the Future