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News Flash

Events in 2018

Holocaust Remembrance Talks    Feb 8

“Geographies of Italian Concentration Camps”


Conference    Feb 9

“Sites of Religious Identity in the Age of Exodus.” Organizer: Walid Hammam; Co-sponsor: Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life


Lecture     Feb 16   
International Observatory for Cultural Heritage; Annual Distinguished Lecture on Conservation & Restoration

Political and Military Issues in the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones

Talk by James Cuno (President & CEO, Getty Trust); with Vishakha Desai (Columbia; Guggenheim Foundation), Ed Luck (Columbia), Thomas G. Weiss (CUNY Graduate Center). Moderator: David Freedberg (Columbia)


Exhibition    Feb 28 (opening reception)

On the dawn of Italian Studies at Columbia: “From Lorenzo Da Ponte to the Casa Italiana”


Talk    Mar 1

Author Dacia Maraini. Moderator: Elizabeth Leake; Organizer: Jo Ann Cavallo; Co-sponsors: Columbia’s Italian Dept. and Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality


Roundtable    March 27   
International Observatory for Cultural Heritage event

"Chaco, Bears Ears, and Beyond: Heritage and History at Risk”


Conference    Apr 6

The Global Dante Project conference. Organizers: Teodolinda Barolini (Columbia University) & Maria Luisa Ardizzone (NYU)