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Academic Fellowship Application

Annual calendar: call for applications: from September 15; application deadline: December 5 (Monday, 11:59 pm, Eastern standard time); announcement of award decisions: by April 30.


1) Prepare all material for your application (sample here).
2) Ask your referees to draft reference letters.
3) Fill out the application form (here).
4) Submit your application (a request with an upload link will then go to each referee).
5) Read the confirmation e-mail that will appear.
6) Track the delivery of your reference letters: log in here, and if any letter is marked “Pending,” you can double-check the referee’s e-mail address and then click on “Resend Request.”
(If your referee didn't get the upload link via e-mail, s/he could [1] check spam/junk folders, [2] list “” as an Approved/Safe Sender, or [3] send the letter directly to the Academy:
7) See our FAQs if this page leaves unanswered questions.

You must ensure that your application form and two letters have reached the Academy (check your account).

Call for Applications for 2017–2018

The Italian Academy invites applications for projects in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. These may be related to all aspects of cultural memory; to research at the intersection of history, ethnography, and anthropology; to the relationship between contemporary and historical cultures; and to the histories of art, music, literature and philosophy.
In the fields of science, technology and engineering, applications that relate to Columbia’s strengths will be welcomed.
Special attention will be given to proposals relevant to the Academy’s ongoing initiatives, especially the International Observatory for Cultural Heritage and the Humanities and Neuroscience Project. Furthermore, the Alexander Bodini Research Fellowship supports work in Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry.
Fellowships are open to both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens at the post-doctoral and faculty level.
Applications are encouraged from all countries.
Fellows receive a stipend, health benefits, travel allowance, and an office in the Academy.

Description of the Program

Academic year 2017–2018 has no theme, although on some occasions the Academy has organized Fellowship clusters working on a single theme for one year.

The selection of Fellows will be based on the quality of the applications. These will be reviewed by a jury appointed by the Director and the Advisory Board of the Academy, which is composed of dozens of senior scholars in many fields at Columbia and other leading universities. Approximately twenty Fellowships will be awarded every year.

Normally Fellowships will be open to advanced scholars from the post doctoral to the full professorial level. (Candidates should expect to have their doctorates in hand no later than the summer after they apply.) Fellows will be expected to be in residence for one or two academic semesters.

At the Academy, Fellows will find a place where they can work, interact amongst themselves and with members of the Columbia community, and generally remain free from outside obligations. For periods of either one or two academic semesters, the Academy will provide office space and support, with opportunities for the organization of public lectures, seminars, conferences and publication.

Fellows will be expected to be in residence for the duration of their stay at the Academy, although connections with other institutions of higher learning will be encouraged. Absences for more than three days at a time should be requested from the Director.

Former Fellows may re-apply no earlier than four years after the completion of their residencies. Fellows may not hold concurrent fellowships and are expected to dedicate their time to research while in residence. Any resulting publications should acknowledge the support of the Academy, as should any biographical notes published in connection with the Fellow's appearances while in residence.

Given the large number of eminently qualified candidates for the Italian Academy Fellowships every year, candidates selected in any one year will not be allowed to postpone their offer of a Fellowship to another year. If the Fellowship is not taken up in the term of the year in which it is offered it will be forfeited – although candidates who turned down an offer of a Fellowship in one year may of course apply for the Fellowship in another year. No guarantee of success, however, can be offered in such cases. Again, former Fellows may re-apply no earlier than four years after the completion of their residency. Candidates are encouraged to read the Fellowship Program page of this site.